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1. Apitherapy goes into the depth of the problem. It tries to find the causes of the trouble and then focus on them.

2. Natural preparations generally do not have side effects or are not hidden and we know about them. They do not imply the insubordination of synthetic chemistry, where unwanted side effects may occur in the next generation.

3. For bee products, as well as for herbs and other natural products, harmful microorganisms can not create resistance. So they have been acting and helping for thousands of years. Such substances can only be prepared by nature.

4. Apitherapy helps with some of the problems that alopathic medicine does not handle. The ideal way is to find an enlightened physician and allopathic medicine with a natural complement to one another.

5. Apitherapy is not just for sick people. Bee products are an excellent dietary supplement. Honey flavouring is an excellent prevention. Other products help athletes to grow natural muscles and for significantly higher performance. Experiments on rats showed an increase in performance of up to 200%! This "doping" is natural, legal plus beneficial to the body.

Apitherapy, however, is not for everyone and it is not all. Before using apitherapy, I strongly recommend that you find out if you are allergic to bee products, especially bee poison, and whether you are allergic to pollen.


Apiterapii can even be used for these diseases, but caution is needed.


Apitherapy can overcome many problems - in a natural way. Therefore, it is suitable for children, athletes and, of course, also for the average generation.