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Here, it is necessary to distinguish very carefully between pollen and perga. Pollen is virtually unusable for the human organism. Simply and purely through the human digestive tract. The human digestive tract can not distribute the pollen sleeve.


On the other hand perga is already pollen processed by bees. It has very few living organisms. Bees use their enzymes to break up the protective shell of the pollen grain by fermetation and thereby get to its extremely high-quality protein content. They then put them in the cloak where they are prepared as the protein component of their food.


This perga is then taken relatively effortlessly from the mantle. It is used as a food supplement with many beneficial effects on the body.


Perga can even be treated for pollen allergies. You do not have to worry. The allergic reaction starts with inhalation of pollen. Perga is used orally.


The question mark is the use of roughened pollen, where the fermentation process may already be theoretically started, but which is even better aided by several-day fermentation.

Apitherapy pollen - perga