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Bee larvae - "drone milk"

Drone milk is a homogenate from a capped tuberous fetus. It has very strong effects, is an excellent source of energy and a male stimulant. Recommended for active people and lovers of extreme sports.

Apitherapy bee larvae
Apitherapy bee larvae

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Apitherapy bee larvae

It contains hormonal substances testosterone, progesterone, estradiol, amino acids, transport oligopeptides. It restores faster the correct function of the testicles and prostate, increases the production of male sex hormones, helps the production of sperm, stimulates the activity of the glands - in which it is more effective than the royal jelly. It contains a large amount of steroid hormones.


If a woman uses a royal jelly, a man is drinking milk and still sleeping in a bee biopoly, breathing the beefy air and drinking herbal water, there is very little chance that the woman will not get pregnant.