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Honey massage is divided into two basic types:

Honey massage

It is smoother and it is one of the wellness products. It detoxifies the skin and subcutaneous tissue, softens the skin, but does not open the lymph. It is done on the back of the body and is usually one hour long, the massage itself takes about 40 minutes.

Honey detoxification massage

This massage is definitely not the relaxing wellness massage. Honey is treated with special peeling strokes. Massage has a significant detoxifying effect, softens the skin. This is a powerful procedure that needs to be completed. Therefore, its duration is strongly individual. From about 100 minutes to 3 hours. The more a person has the organism, the longer the procedure. Honey changes color to gray.

Response to honey massage is different. Someone is charged with energy, and someone barely walks after the massage.

Be aware of problems with high pressure, for example. The massage will increase the pressure and may cause unpleasant complications.

Honey massage