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Water, by staying in bee biopoly, also acquires other observable physical properties. Regular drinking water (about 1 liter a day) will have a great beneficial effect to your body. It works positively on the course of some metabolic and psychological illnesses and is also shown to reduce the sugar level to diabetics.


Water can be frozen or left at room temperature. Short heating do not matter. It is possible to make tea from this water. Long-term heating, however, cancels its effects.


Water on the hive does not spoil. I have bottles of water ready to wash my hands on the hive for a year and it's still clean and usable.


Drinking this water helps with headaches and joints, healing of leg ulcers, and digestive problems and rheumatic pain.


Bee-influenced wine will gain the taste and the parameters of the wine from the higher price category. In addition, the healing effects of the wine thus treated are greater than that of water.


Bee-affected plums are tastier finer - sharpened. The healing effects of plum bran are known.


But places in the hive are deficient, so you can hardly meet these products on the market. Perhaps just with a beekeeper or where they specialize.


Bee-affected water has contraindications. If you have high blood pressure and you are taking medication, avoid this water. Its effects are strong, and in this case you would know very well that it is not a placebo. The high pressure can be treated by apitherapy. But very carefully and just with an expert.

Apitherapy bee - affected water