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Bee poison is applied in two basic ways. With a classic sting of sting, one sting can be used multiple times. The apiterapeut can put the poison to individual points as needed. The points depend to technique used by him. There are many, so you can meet different approaches. This does not mean that someone does not do the right thing. It just does it differently.


The other way uses modern science, where the poison, contained in the ointment, introduces the therapist into the body with ultrasound. This procedure is pleasing in that it is painless and can be taken by people on an allergic poison. It is very effective and can be used even when bees are not available.


There is a third way - bioresonance. This is a fairly new method when bioresonance information is loaded into a carrier with a metal foil patch. The patch will then stick to the affected area and let it work.


Apply bee venom only under the supervision of the therapist.

Application of elevation