Therapy with
ear candles

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Own production and use of candles is part of a natural treatment stemming from a long history that was used not only by ancient Slavic nations but also by Siberian shamans. It is said that the Celts and some of the Indian tribes used sparkling birch bark, sometimes filled with pain-relieving herbs.


Today only 100% pure cotton beeswax is used for their exclusively handmade production, sometimes with the addition of turmeric. Using the finest materials, you have a good candle available to you not only to prevent, regenerate or purify the body but also to treat painful areas.


Beeswax has the ability to relieve inflammation, and by its composition it prolongs the burning time and increases the efficiency of the candle, and also the added turmeric has anti-inflammatory effects. Different health problems use different candles, with different types of medicinal herbs or essential oils. The most used are Aloe Vera, Cannabis, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Lavender, Melon, Moonstone, Cinnamon, Thyme, Tea Tree, Ylan Ylang, etc. They are used either directly in production or applied to candles just before use. A suitable method before applying the body candles is also the massaging of the oil directly on the treated point, but it depends on the type and method of treatment. Manufacturers of candles are many as well as ways to make them.

Therapy with ear candles
Therapy with ear candles

We can divide the candle according to its shape and use:

  • CONICAL - the most well-known and most used form. They are used everywhere outside the ears, they have a great pull and they pull not only from the depth, but also from the sides. This shape is most effective for removing pain, healing scars and post-operative conditions, relieving swelling, muscle pain, joint, neck, teeth and is suitable for hemorrhoids, depression, flu and cold, asthma, insomnia, weight loss, women's problems, cleansing of the lymphatic system, bruising, prostate problems such as detoxification and others. They are used natural, or with essential essences and oils. Fragrant candles are used abundantly even in aromatherapy.ČAKROVÉ - mají stejný tvar jako konické. Každá čakra má svou barvu a proto i svíce vyrobené podle těchto barev ovlivňují konkrétní čakru. Pomáhají uvolnit a odstranit energetické bloky v čakrách a tím napomáhat volnému toku pozitivních energií. Čakry jsou okem neviditelná centra našeho těla a jejich stav má vliv na naše duševní i fyzické zdraví.
  • CHAKRED - have the same shape as the conical. Each chakra has its own color and therefore the candles made according to these colors affect a particular chakra. They help to loosen and remove energy blocks in the chakra and thus help to free flow of positive energies. Chakras are the invisible center of our body, and their condition affects our mental and physical health.
  • STRAIGHT- are narrower than conical and suitable for use eg on reflection points, or before and behind the ear where ear plugs can not be used, we can apply them to children or small animals such as cats and dogs.
  • TURBO BODY CANDLE - It acts even more deeply, is larger than conical, has a very strong stroke and can be used during firing at several places on the body. It is appropriate before the massage, when it gets warm and relaxes the massaged area, or in the case of painful and stiff joints. It is an integral part of the detoxification and activation of the lymphatic system. Its effects are almost immediate.
  • EAR CANDLES - to clean your ears and to eliminate or reduce some health problems such as headaches, tinnitus, migraine, mild middle ear inflammation, acute and chronic rhinitis, tonsillitis, inadequate blood circulation in the ears, mental disorders, stress, and other. The ear candle stimulates acupuncture points located deep in the ear that are difficult to access, activating the meridians and reflective zones of the ears, used in relaxation or as part of music therapy.

Before going to the application of cosmetic candles, we should drink at least 2 dcl of clean water so that the pollution from the body can be drained. In the case of ear candle application, we must always use both ears consecutively in order not to cause pressure head irregularity. In the future, we prepare a water bowl, where we put the burned parts of the candle down and at the end of the application we extinguish the remaining candles about 5 cm. The tweezers that we remove the burnt parts. Fire we light the candles. For each application, use a paper napkin or gauze under the candles. There is a risk of unpleasant burning of the skin and therefore never forget to use it as a protective face. Hold the candles gently, leave them and make sure they are in the vertical position. Always follow the safety rules for open fire work.


From the beginning of the application, we can see what the candle tells us. If the candle flame is bright, radiant, everything is all right. They seemed to be dark, orange to brown, it is obvious that the body is deficient in water. If we accept few fluids, the body can not drain in the required amount of harmful material, and then they remain in the body and cause different problems. The candle burns for about 10-15 minutes. If the organism is alright, it remains in white powder for the rest after burning. If we find small brown caramels, the body is clogged. We can also find a big to a large caramel, which shows the heavily polluted organism. We always eliminate the rest of the candle, preferably by burning, to destroy the bad ones that actually absorbed them. We do not touch the burned candles unnecessarily.


We also need to be careful when we do not use the candle and: open wounds, right to the eye, heart, urinary tract, pregnancy, people with pacemaker, headache, and allergy to some substance in the candle.


If you are not sure, consult your therapist.

Therapy with ear candles
Therapy with ear candles