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About royal jelly

The royal jelly is a miracle of the apiary. It's the food bee feeds their mother. Then she puts about 1,500 eggs a day. Which is the weight that she weighs. Primary jelly is obtained relatively complexly and in small quantities. Moreover, it has a limited shelf life. This increase the price.


The royal jelly significantly affects fertility. Really great and both sexes. It quickly supplies the body with a large amount of fast-paced energy. Fatigue will overcome immediately and hunger will burn even very small amounts. It is also used in cosmetics due to its regenerative and healing effects. The maternal jelly is an important supplement in the use of apitherapy to treat infertility.


Beekeepers keep the roaster in the freezer for not more than a year, mostly for breeding purposes.

Apitherapy about royal jelly

More about royal jelly

The raw jelly contains 70% water, sugars, proteins, fats, minerals, amino acids, RNA and vitamins. It is white to cream colored and acidic to bitter-tasting. Ph 2.5-4.8. It acts antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Extends blood vessels and is an antioxidant.


It is used in the form of cures. For women who are comfortable with climacteric problems. It also has aphrodisiac effects. Additionally, it is used after CNS damage - stroke, degenerative disorder, brain inactivity.


The jar is sensitive to light, temperature and contact with metal and oxygen. We keep it at 0 ° C best in honey. Apply under the tongue.


Not suitable for impaired hormonal balance and not given to children under 15 years of age.

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