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About Honey

The most known and basic product of bee work. Without it, we probably would not discover other bee products. The oldest known paintings of honey pickers date back to 16,000 years ago from the Aran Caves in Spain.

Honey is an excellent for food and for medicine. It is very easy to digest. Absorbs in the oral cavity. Therefore, it is also excellent as a fast power source.


Honey has been used since ancient times as a food, a healing product and a preservative. Honey can not go bad. Only if there is more water inside, it will ferment. Which is used in the production of mead. Recently, there have been 10,000-year-old honeycombs of wild bees. Scientists found out that honey was still well. However, honey can be degraded by poor storage or heat treatment.


Honey contains very small to negligible amounts of trace elements. But these elements are in almost 100% honey form, so they get into the body in the necessary amount, and that with honey is already the mucous membranes of the mouth. The knowhow of the truly experienced apiterapists is that they can adjust the honey to contain more of the required minerals and trace elements to get the necessary amount of iron, calcium, ... Without the need to swallow. In this way, after Leningrad's blockade during the Second World War, they saved many undernourished children who were no longer able to receive food. Not only did they save them. They also got strenght. It is great for anorexia.


The most significant healing properties of honey are probably its healing effects. The healing effects of honey were already known in the Middle Ages. Each army was accompanied by a medical staff with honey supplies for the treatment of wounds. Honey has very strong healing properties. It is antiseptic, but it is not bacterial and virocid. But if you mix the honey with propolis, you will get an ointment that by its healing effects will overcome all that is known from chemical laboratories. And it is significantly cheaper and more affordable. It also works for animals. Even where chemistry is not enough.


The conservative properties of honey are now only used marginally. For example, to preserve the royal jelly. Previously, however, he enjoyed it abundantly. Even the dead body of Alexander the Great, they transported sunk in honey.


Honey is also used in wellness procedures. E. g. in detoxicating honey massage.


Honey is stored in a cool and dark place.


Note - if you want to warm the honey after crystallization (you have to crystallize every honey in time), think that the temperature above 45 ° C will destroy most of the enzymes and other important substances in honey, and you can make only expensive sugar. The same goes for honey in the tea. In boiling tea is it just a taste.

Apitherapy about honey
Apitherapy about honey

Using honey in the apitherapy

Healing and anti-inflammatory effects - First of all, clean wounds every morning. The healing effects are so powerful that everything you will not cleanse will stay inside as a source of future troubles. Wipe the abrasives twice a day with honey. Excellent especially for pediatric patients. If the wound is inflamed, add a little propolis to the honey, cover with a bandage and tighten twice a day.


Anti-inflammatory mucous membranes, incl. vaginal (without propolis)


Honey massage detoxification

Nutrition and energy recovery: supply of trace elements to a weakened organism, a fast energy source when exhausted.

Using honey in the apiherapy

Honey and modern healthcare

Honey has never the same composition. In addition, it contains pollen grains, which may trigger an allergic reaction. Modern medicine, for these reasons, refuses to use the honey in the natural state and demands it to be cleaned. This removes the honey from the pollen grains, as well as some beneficial enzymes. The presence of pollen grains in honey is, by the way, important for determining the authenticity of honey and for determining its origin.


Some honey products are already approved medications. That's good news because allopathic medicine can use honey for the treatment.

Using honey in the apitherapy in modern healthcare