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About beeswax

Wax produces builder bees in the form of flakes on the abdominal side of the buttock. It is the basic building material in a hive, and the bees with it also hang the fetus and supplies. Color may range from almost white to dark brown. It contains about 15 compounds.


Wax is used as a base for ointments and creams. It supports absorption, causes softness and smoothness of the skin. Warm wax tiles are used for rheumatic complaints and muscle spasms. Chewing wax - ideally from the lids - activates saliva and gastric juices.


Significant is the use of ear and body candles.


Wax very willingly accepts and accumulates foreign matter. That is why a virgin wax or wax from the lids is used in apiterapies.


Wax should not be used during pregnancy, hypersensitivity to light, swelling of unknown origin, severe circulatory disorders, open wounds and bleeding, severe and acute inflammation of the skin.


In Ukraine, they use wax chambers that have similar effects to biopoly bees - see below.

Apitherapy beeswax

More about beeswax

Apitherapy more about beeswax

The wax contains the following compounds: higher fatty acid esters and alcohols, free fatty acids, alcohols, minerals, pigments, flavoring substances, vitamin A, ... Total of almost 300 substances of which about one third are described.


The melting point of the wax ranges between 62 and 65 ° C, but the clogging is 1-3 ° C lower.


Wax is used apitherapeutically as ear and body candles. This method came to Europe from North America and Asia. The oldest surviving mention of this is from the 1656 travel book when Hopi Indians used it for ear problems.


The ear candle will help clean the ear canal even in places where you can not get anywhere. At the same time, the ear and the area around the ear are bled with warmth. Overall, it has a positive effect on meridians and energy pathways in the body. Manufacturers of ear and body candles are many and the way of use is found on every product.


We could also assign special pads to the use of wax, which will leave some time for bees in the hive. Bees are saturated with wax, propolis, and hard to tell what else. The pads then smell good and sleep perfectly on them. Sleep quickly and sleep with deep sleep. You usually wake up earlier and more relaxed than usual. These pads are successfully used for hyperactive children with ADHD syndrome.


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