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About wax moth

The wax moth, among beekeepers known as butterflie, is one of the few known animals that can digest beeswax with their enzymes. Previously, he probably lived with bees in symbiosis, because he managed to save the already unusable planks and make bees a place for new ones.


A healthy bee colony can handle the beetle, but in artificial breeding, the beetle can make a mess. For apherapeutic purposes, larvae and their feces are used.

Apitherapy zavíječ voskový

More about wax moth

Apitherapy zavíječ voskový

The alcoholic extracts of the wax moth are particularly suitable for the promotion of the treatment of pulmonary and cardiac diseases. But it also helps with the hay. The most important feature of the extract is that it wipes out the wax package of the bacillus of pulmonary tuberculosis. After stripping the bacillus TBC dies.