Bee sauna

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This procedure is meant for short lying - about 45 minutes directly on a wooden board without a mattress. This would dampen the colony vibrations, which are one of the healing factors.


The bee sauna soothes the nerves, improves heart activity, soothes breathing, reduces hyperactivity. I recommend especially for nervous people. Excellent for men's sexual system.


While lying on the hive, non-sensitive people will also feel very strong waves coming one after the other. It's a very special experience. You will not feel anything at first, then you will have a nap for a while, and you will feel it when you wake up. Sensitive persons feel these waves despite the strong mattress.


Staying in the bee sauna is great for hyperactive children and for having children with ADHD. They do not have to lie here. They can play, paint, learn, ... Ideally right on the board of the hives, but also quietly on the floor beside the hives.


There is a need for adult to be present with the child patient to make him feel calm and protected.


For healthy people the stay in the bee sauna is a very pleasant relaxation.

Bee sauna