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Apitherapy biopoly colonies
Apitherapy biopoly colonies

Own biopoly colonies are a very intense field around the bee family. Although modern science can not describe or grasp this field, its reach can be measured. It is about 60 cm around the hive. Any sensitive person can find and identify him. Even he can recognize the water that has been affected by this field.


Biopole bees consist of several kinds of "radiation". I'm not sure we all know.


Infrared radiation. Not the heat of the bees. This heat warms the body and improves blood circulation.


Electromagnetic waves. Bees emit negative ions. These ions are beneficial to the entire human body.

They can be a pleasant feeling near the colony.


Microwaves. They affect the blood supply of the organism, favorably affect the heart muscle and the muscles in general.


Biorezonance. This effect is very interesting because it may be that the "broken" vibrations (waves) of your body have long been affected by the right ones and the vibrations are beginning to harmonize. You get into the ideal state. And the body starts to "repair" itself.


It sounds very simple, but it is a long-term issue. While staying in biopoly, especially in psychological problems, you can experience significant relief in two days, but the overall cleansing of the organism can last for months or years. In essence, it's a faster process than the one you've got into your lifestyle. It's rarely anything else.


Beekeepers' longevity is not given by bee stings, as they themselves like and proudly claim, as rather a frequent stay in this biopoly. Squid bees and other bee products can be used for the vitality and health of beekeepers until they are too old.


Being / sleeping in biopoly is an excellent wellness procedure. This way it can be pleasant and clear to relieve the accumulated stress and depression.


The beneficial effects of the bees are so strong that, where bees appear, the environment to one kilometer away from bees will improve within a year.